This year’s Get Real 2021 will feature On-Demand Workshops for you to attend virtually throughout the weekend, so don’t forget to schedule in time accordingly for these great opportunities to learn and gain insight. Below are this year’s topics for success to plan for:

Amber Olson Rourke | Co-Founder & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Learn from a panel of party experts that will provide you with the information you need to host successful virtual parties with energy and personality! Learn specific tips on effectively inviting, creating excitement and engagement, and getting results for virtual parties.  The tips shared by these panelists helped them all recently achieve major rank advancements!

Patia Meismer | Gold National Marketing Director

This workshop will walk you through how to successfully help your new Brand Partner achieve their goals. You’ll learn the critical items all new BPs should check off their list to build their belief and their business!

Mikayla Gainey | Silver National Marketing Director

If earning your car bonus is one of your goals, this workshop is for you! You will learn the steps and activities needed to achieve this goal, as well as a clear roadmap of what it takes to get there.

Samantha & Paul Wyatt | Platinum National Marketing Director

You’re familiar with social media, but are you effectively using it to develop your brand and your business? Learn strategies and techniques for planning and creating highly effective content that will help you generate new customers and brand partners via social media.

Amber Olson Rourke | Co-Founder & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Colleen Commisso | Gold National Marketing Director

Learn effective strategies and tips on how to run a successful business in spite of a busy lifestyle. You’ll walk away from this workshop understanding how to fit your high-payoff activities into your day while still maintaining balance in your life.

Aana Camp | Platinum National Marketing Director
Jill Chisholm | Silver National Marketing Director

You’ll learn how to successfully create daily opportunities to introduce prospects to Neora using both virtual and in person contacts. This workshop will help you take the steps to get out of your immediate circle, constantly filling your funnel with prospects in just 30 minutes a day.

Mary Chieppor | Platinum National Marketing Director

Learn key techniques to achieve a solid customer book of business from our expert panel. With hundreds of customers between them, you will want to implement their high-touch, high-impact strategies to create and keep a growing base of customers.

Rhanda Carlile | Silver National Marketing Director

Learn from a panel of sampling experts that will share their tips and success stories that have helped them grow their business. Through sampling these Brand Partners consistently achieve 1-2-3 and earn above top customer commissions. This is a workshop that will have you sending and tracking your way to sampling success!

Shalon Murphy | International Marketing Director

Identify why you are building your Neora business and connect to the deeper meaning of what motivates you to grow your business. You’ll come away from this workshop with even more belief in yourself, your why, and the values that drive you!

Amber Olson Rourke | Co-Founder & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Jessica Dagg | National Marketing Director

Get a comprehensive overview of our skincare and haircare line, including what sets them apart on the market, as well as effective sales strategies to increase your sales of these lines.

Amber Olson Rourke | Co-Founder & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Alissa Moore | Silver National Marketing Director

Learn the in-depth details of what makes NeoraFit and Neora’s wellness line so special. You will also learn how to acquire new customers as well as retain those customers, as you offer the support and encouragement to help them achieve the healthiest/fittest version of themselves.

Deborah K. Heisz | Co-Chief Executive Officer

Co-CEO Deborah K. Heisz provides an important overview that will help you keep your business compliant. She’ll provide guidance to ensure that you are saying all the right things when sharing about Neora’s products and talking about the benefits of your Neora business.

Karen DeSantis-Meyer | Silver National Marketing Director

You’ll gain easy-to-implement strategies for overcoming objections from an expert panel of leaders. You will  walk away feeling armed with knowledge and verbiage to share the next time you get met with a common objection.

Damon Rourke | Silver National Marketing Director

Lean how you can have your feet in the sand with your Neora family with a Slight Edge approach! This workshop breaks down the milestones into manageable stepping stones that will get you  closer to earning the trip every day!

Libby Wyatt | Silver National Marketing Director
Zoe Morris | Silver National Marketing Director

You’ll learn how to effectively use the reports and data in your back office to help you grow your business. Learn how to sort and filter reports to find volume opportunities, what to look for at using month-end, and how to leverage key reports for both your personal business and your team business

Max Stock | President & CEO, Signum Bioscences

Learn about the science behind some of our unique ingredients from one of our partners Signum Biosciences.