Are You In it to Win It?

All you have to do is register for Get Real 2017? Yep – that’s right! When you register for Get Real, you’ll be automatically entered into our weekly prize drawing for one the conference-only prizes below. Who wouldn’t want to get a tour of backstage? Or lock in your 2018 Get Real ticket? How can one of these prizes be yours? Easy:

  • Register for Get Real 2017
  • Check the Nerium blog on every Tuesday after the Corporate Update Call to see if you’ve won the latest prize

That’s it. No, seriously… that’s all you have to do to be entered to win one of the Get Real prizes. And did we mention that there will be multiple winners for each prize?

Prizes include:

  • Private shopping experience for you and 10 friends at the Nerium store
    • Winners: Kristen Bernard, Louis & Candace Simek, Danielle Krysiak
  • VIP Seating and Early Entrance during General Session for you and one guest
    • Winners: Clara Bellino, Grace Legaspi, Wendy Miller, John MacDermot, Suzanne Kazel
  • Uber credit for transportation to General Session
    • Winners: Kelly Dutton, Jeff Knopf, Yenny Acosta Pena
  • Backstage tour for winner and guest
    • Winners: Rina Cuda, Linda Fleury, Robert Justiss Jr.
  • $25 Lunch Concessions Voucher
    • Winners: Joyce Hope, Paula Woodman, Eric Highfield, Kate Shaver, Teresa German
  • Private Shopping Experience to the Nerium Product Store for winner and 10 friends PLUS winner receives a free product of the two items launching at Get Real 2017
    • Winners: Angela Stephens, Jennifer Daly, Delby West, Kellie McAffer, Jamar Cunningham
  • $15 Breakfast Concessions Voucher
    • Winners: Pamela Parsons, Randy Martinsen, Arin Faghani, Jennifer Prusa, Ascencio Milthon
  • Two registration tickets to the 2018 Get Real conference
    • Winners: Shanica Short, Patti Fuller, Loretta Weedmark
  • Nerium Skincare and Wellness Product Bundle
    • Winners: Eileen Eickner, Kenneth Krueger, Luis Raymundo Gonzalez Anaya
  • Entrance to Private Q & A Session with John Addison for winner and plus one
    • Winners: Amy Howard, Christina Chiba, Laura Carr, James Chocklet, Mary Kay Duffney

We’ll announce the winners right here on the Nerium blog every Tuesday after the Corporate Update Call.

As with any contest, there are a few rules we need to point out:

  • Winners must be present at the Get Real 2017 – St. Louis conference
  • Cannot cancel or transfer ticket
  • To claim prizes, winners must present a valid form of identification
  • Prizes cannot be claimed by anyone other than the winner
  • Prizes cannot be transferred to another person or event
  • This contest starts April 10, 2017 and is open to residents of the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Get Real 2017 promises to be an electrifying experience, so don’t miss out. Register today to amplify your business – and for the opportunity to win some amazing prizes!


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  1. I just got an email today that made my day! Apparently some time ago I said I was in it to win it and …lo and behold I got rewarded with VIP seating at our next St Louis Conference and details to follow. So Grateful! Thank you Nerium International and everyone involved, looking forward, Clara Bellino


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