Reserve Your Hotel for Get Real Dallas 2016

Your energy will need to be at an all-time high. Your focus? Zeroed in. From Sept. 8-10, the most in-depth, comprehensive training will take place at Get Real Dallas 2016 like you’ve never seen before, and you’ve got to be ready!

So how can you ensure you’re well rested and ready to go at Get Real Dallas? By booking your hotel using Nerium’s negotiated rates. There’s no need to wait – go ahead and Make Your Reservation through our website that allows you to book, modify and confirm your hotel stay all online in just minutes.

We can’t stress it enough: you and your team have to be at Get Real Dallas. You won’t get the training from top field leaders anywhere else, you won’t hear the Nerium Leadership speakers anywhere else, and you won’t get to experience the Nerium culture that takes place at Get Real anywhere else – it’s a life and career-boosting event.

Remember, you can purchase and assign your ticket to Get Real and book your hotel right now.

We look forward seeing you at the American Airlines Center in Dallas!

Please note that any cancellations made on or after June 23, 2016 will result in a $125 cancellation fee through the Nerium Housing Bureau, ConferenceDirect. To avoid additional penalty fees, a reservation must be cancelled seven days prior to your arrival date to avoid a charge of equal to one night plus tax.

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