Winners List: Get Real 2015 Meet and Greet with Jeff Olson

Congratulations to these lucky winners who will get a chance to meet Nerium Founder CEO Jeff Olson at Get Real Dallas 2015!

Want to join them? All you need to do is assign your tickets for Get Real! If you have already assigned your ticket, then your entry has been received.

Ten winners will be drawn each week from now until Monday, August 31. Check back to each week to see who will be mingling with Jeff!

Winners for the week of August 31:

  • Jennifer Dyer
  • Cindi Pham
  • Brandon Clements
  • Kimberlee Tolkien
  • Latasha Daugherty
  • Andrew Wagner
  • Gwendolyn Milby
  • Bella Espinosa
  • Rodger Abercrombie
  • Kayla Oliver-Pratt

Winners for the week of August 24:

  • Suzy Hana
  • Miles Lovelace
  • Danielle Parmelee
  • Elisa Ramirez
  • Elizabeth Abaray
  • Ann Slusher
  • Lance Burton
  • Sasha Steele
  • Joseph Cooper
  • Anne Marie Dibernardo

Winners for the week of August 17:

  • Samuel Salter
  • Ann Reif
  • Desiree Mudd
  • David Billaber
  • Tricia Allen
  • Teresita Alcorn
  • Hannah Carrigan
  • Shaleen Kaur
  • Bianca Newman
  • David Ponsler

Winners for the week of August 10:

  • Bruna Duenas
  • John Mallinak
  • Becky Reyes
  • Connie Tiffner
  • Leigh Heckler
  • Whitney Blackenship
  • Misty Alanis
  • Rhoda Kohler
  • Beth Begley
  • Amanda Rao

Winners for the week of August 3:

  • Debbie Wood
  • Kimberly Undin
  • Roma Gallant
  • Scott LaFarrel
  • Clayton Crowther
  • Jeanine Thurston
  • Sarah Galloway
  • Jasmina Balogh
  • Maggie McAuliffe
  • Bridgette Riddle

These Nerium Family members are ready to roll for Get Real! Don’t wait until it’s too late – assign your tickets now!

6 thoughts on “Winners List: Get Real 2015 Meet and Greet with Jeff Olson”

  1. I have been able to get to meet Jeff Olson at every convention since I joined Nerium December 30, 2012. Although it is getting harder to be able to get pictures with him due to the increase in our wonderful Nerium family. So I would love to be one of the ones with a special golden ticket also!


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