A Special Message from Jeff Olson

By July 12, 2016General
Nerium Founder and CEO Jeff Olson

The moment you step through the doors of American Airlines Center, you and your Nerium business will be forever changed. You will leave with a stronger desire for this company, a stronger belief and faith in this company, and more importantly, your dreams and goals will be bigger than ever before.

I want to see you in Dallas, but above all, I want you to be there with your team. The greatest thing you could do for someone new to the business is to bring them to Dallas with you in September – and have them bring three or four or five people with them!

Everything that makes this company great…the products, the systems, the training, the model, the recognition, the field, YOU…are going to another level in Dallas!

Make sure you and your team are at Get Real Dallas! The Future is Now!

I would also like to take this time to address the recent tragic events in downtown Dallas. The safety of our Get Real attendees and Nerium staff is our main priority, and I have complete confidence in the brave men and women of the Dallas Police Department to continue to protect and serve our community.


— Jeff Olson

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